Get Freedom from Sin

If you will AGREE with the undiluted Truth of Heaven you will:

INSTANTLY break free from ANY addiction

Smash the power of ANY DEMON

Hear God’s voice and unique direction for your life every single moment.

Experience the peace and joy of heaven NOW and without interruption.

Haven’t you ever wanted to skip all the nonsense and experience heaven now?  

Do you long for peace and joy that seems just out of reach?

Here is some really GREAT NEWS: You can gave it RIGHT NOW, But you have to brainwash yourself… please read on…

I was raised in a Christian home
I was born again when I was 17
I went to church all the time.
I preached the gospel everywhere I went.. 
I read all the great theologians
I had very “solid” theology
I saw miracles
I had visions and revelations of eternity
I raised my hands during worship and danced
I listened to praise and worship music ALL THE TIME
I listened to sermons ALL THE TIME
I was overcome by sin regularly

“That’s normal” they would say. “You should not expect perfect freedom from sin until you die and go to heaven”  But I worried about not being free from sin.  The more I studied the Bible I worried. 

I knew certain things were demonic and I tried my best to resist them but I simply could not do it all the time. I would give into drinking or doing drugs or looking at pornography from time to time and the result was always the same: a little bit of hell.

There was a point when I actually felt like I was being dragged into a hopeless eternity by my addictions and there was nothing I could do about it except watch, terrified as I destroyed myself.

I was powerless to change. I was terrified of what it would mean if I did not change.  

The Bible says there will be MANY who are Born Again, preach the Gospel, see miracles, and cast out demons but  Jesus will say “Depart I never knew you”

On that day many will say to me, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name, and cast out demons in your name, and do many mighty works in your name?’ And then will I declare to them, ‘I never knew you; depart from me, you workers of lawlessness.’ Matthew 7:21-23

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 

When it came right down to it, everything I learned in church and everything I learned from the “great” theologians and all the “on fire”ministries of our day was WORTHLESS. 


Was I really going to let demons drag me to hell?  I couldn’t find a way to stop them!  

It just so happened that at the exact moment I felt myself being dragged into a hopeless eternity by sin, I met a person who claimed to be perfectly free from ALL sin!

I had never heard of anyone who was perfectly free from sin and I was VERY skeptical to say the least.  I wanted to believe it but I also wanted to see if what He said was in the Bible, so I started paying very close attention.

To my surprise everything was straight from Scripture!  In fact I already knew most of the passages by heart but he had a slightly different interpretation of them! 

They were so different in fact, I felt like there was no way I could believe them.

“I don’t believe this” I would say.  

It was so different from all of  the great theologians throughout the ages AND from every respectable pastor, teacher, preacher around today, that I started to think this guy was just actually very deceived  himself and maybe I should try to help him!  

Wait what?!  I was daily defeated by sin and being dragged into Hell by my own choices, and I knew it, so how was I going to help him again?!  I heard the Lord say: “You are in trouble, You need to listen to him” 

I knew I was in trouble!  When I say I was bound by sin, I mean it. 

At that moment I was completely addicted to cigarettes. I started smoking when I was 16 and over the years I tried everything to stop. By the time I was 30 I was more bound than ever! Nothing worked.  I quit cold turkey more times than I can remember!  I fasted, I prayed.  I tried everything again and again.  

And even when I absolutely refused to buy cigarettes, I would go out and find half smoked cigarette butts on the ground to smoke.  I would even get out of bed in the middle of the night to go find some!  If there was any way to smoke I was going to smoke. 

If there was not a good sized cigarette butt on the ground, I would gather ALL the butts and put the little bits of tobacco into a foil pipe and smoke it!  When I say I was hopelessly addicted, I hope you realize what I mean. 

I could not stop!  I felt completely controlled by demons.  And those same demons, or their friends, would steal my peace and joy with even the slightest thing.  Irritations, anger and sadness would sweep over me so fast it seemed there was no way I could resist them!

I was so desperate for change! Was there anyone besides Jesus who could be perfectly free?

The more I listened to this person who claimed to be free, the more I realized that he had something I did not have.  He was not pretending sin doesn’t exist.  He was actually completely free from even the desire for things that had once ruled over him and he used to be even more bound than I was!  He was completely addicted to pornography and alocoholism before being INSTANTLY delivered himself!

 “What do I have to do?!  I have tried everything!”

“It is your agreements” He said.  They are all messed up. You are trying to reason with the Truth.  You must exchange your reason for the Truth.”

“But how can I believe things that I do not believe” I asked.

“Don’t worry about “trying to believe” something.  Just agree with me as I have agreed with God.”  

I started to have a revelation!  “You mean believing is simply AGREEING?!”  I have been trying so hard to believe certain things but you mean to tell me I don’t have to try to believe “harder”?  “Nope, you just need to AGREE with the right things.” 

“A belief is simply an AGREEMENT and and agreement is proof of a COVENANT.  

If you Agree ONLY with God, then you will be making covenants ONLY with heaven. 

If you make Covenants with heaven ONLY then you will experience ONLY heaven.  If you are experiencing hell it is because you have agreements with hell”

I listened for a few days and thought about what he was saying. I had some major problems with several of his interpretations and I thought I still knew better. I mean I studied more than pastors.

But no matter how much I objected to what he said, deep down I knew I didn’t know better because I was bound by sin!

I needed his help, big time! 

The freedom I had hoped existed but could never find was now staring me in the face.

What was I going to do? 

Humble myself by admitting that I did not know Jesus and did not know the Truth or continue on the only path I had ever known and stay bound by sin and defeated by demons?  

What does the Bible say?  “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free” 

Again he said: “Just AGREE with God. Your agreements have to be in total alignment with heaven and or you will stay bound by sin.  You know your way is not working, you KNOW that you do not really know the truth or you would be free.”  

You are at the jumping off point right now, either you JUMP and take a flying leap into a whole new reality or you stay in bondage, totally up to you, but I am not wasting any more time.  There are people out there who will jump and those are the people I am called to.”

I started getting truly desperate.

I decided to go for it, but to be honest I didn’t even know how to “jump”. 

How do I jump again?

“You must LEAVE SIN.  Explosive moves away from sin = explosive moves toward God”

Right, Ok I have to throw out my tobacco for the 100th time.  But first I had to throw out everything I thought I knew about the Bible and everything I thought I knew about Jesus in exchange for the perfect freedom the Gospel talks about.  

So I did it.

You know what happened?  I literally walked out of a cloud of demons that I thought was a sinful nature right into the clean crisp air of heaven and the presence of God.  I walked right into something I was taught was impossible and I did it easily.

It took a few hours, but almost instantly I could tell that the demons were not as strong as they used to be.  I still kinda wanted to smoke but because I was agreeing with TRUTH there was not an overpowering and crushing desire like there had been every single time before when I tried to stop.

I could easily say no.  I mean I could feel the desire, but I could walk past it.  A day passed, then two.  It was getting easier and easier to stay free until even the desire completely left me in just a few days!

I could hardly believe it!  I was doing it!!

I was walking on water!  My family was amazed!  They had seen mother struggle for years.  They could not deny the instant transformation.

You know what else I noticed? Besides being instantly free from cigarettes and finally having an abiding peace?

The irritations, anger and sadness which would sweep over me without warning could no longer catch me by surprise.  I had tons of warning they were coming and I had power to resist them and make them leave too!!  This was amazing!  I had never experienced anything like it!!!

My wife and a few of my closest friends  saw the transformation and decided they wanted to try making covenants with heaven too.  Guess what happened?   They got free too!!  

We walked away from one sin after another into the very atmosphere of heaven! 

When I say the atmosphere of heaven I mean the presence of God.  It is what we all long for.  That is where the POWER is, That is where the peace and joy is!  That is where the victory over sin is!  The presence of God is why heaven feels good!!

To make a long story short it has been over 7 years since I threw out my reason and received the Lordship of Jesus Christ over my life and it has been continuous BREAKTHROUGH ever since.

I shudder to think about what would have happened if I hadn’t humbled myself to the floor and Agreed with the Truth when I had the chance.

And what I did is so SIMPLE! 

Leaving all sin was so SIMPLE!  


When you do that NOTHING CAN STOP YOU!

One of the scariest things about modern “Christianity” is how consistently people are taught to agree with what the devil says about themselves and their situation instead of what God says about them through the Blood of his Son. 

They may not be in unity on anything else but the churches ALL seem to agree that it is impossible to obey God perfectly in this life.  And that is “ok” with them because no-one is perfect anyway and no one should hope to be perfect “until they die and go to heaven” 

Such a travesty of divine truth would not even deserve attention except that it is preached so consistently and believed by that vast majority of all persons claiming to know Christ! 

These poeple are not “Christians” but a death cult masquerading as the body of Christ. They speak death, eat death and agree they have to die before they can “go to heaven”  

Never mind what the Bible says, the devil told them that “they must sin every day whether they want to or not” and they believe him!! 

And they even think that “being a dirty rotten sinner” is true humility!!?   

How can you believe that being defeated by a defeated foe is a sign of humility?  

Just look at Jesus.  He was the most humble person to ever walk the face of the earth and he was PERFECTLY victorious over all sin and darkness.   

Isn’t it obvious then, they are not dealing with some kind of “thorn in their flesh” but with PRIDE.  Deadly, stinking, DISGUSTING PRIDE.  It calls good evil and evil good until you are so bound and confused that you think death is the only way out!  Can you tell a tree by its fruit? 

Listen we are NOT trying to re-define sin until you think it doesn’t exist anymore. 

We are also NOT suggesting you continue to sin and hope to walk into an encounter with God someday.

This is about breaking your Covenants with hell so that you can be free of all sin now. 

How do you know if you have covenants with hell?

Are you subject to hellish things? 

Do you deal with addictions, uncontrollable irritations, wicked imaginations, lust, bouts of depression, anger or hopelessness? 

Do these things sometimes overtake you no matter how hard you try to resist them?

If the answer is yes, then you have agreements with hell!

It is not hard to get rid of these agreements but you have to be willing to do whatever it takes to be free.

So how did I get rid of them?

First I had to admit that I did not know the real Jesus of the Bible or I would be free already.

Then I downloaded everything this person had written on his website, stapled it all together in two big packets. (About 150 pages on material) and I started reading it.   I decided to intentionally and methodically brainwash myself with this doctrine.

I underlined the stuff I really liked and agreed with, but when I came to something I didn’t like, or didn’t agree with, I underlined it, highlighted it, circled it and earmarked the page it was on. 

Then I went back to those things that I didn’t like or agree with based on all my previous studying and experience with ‘jesus” and I forced myself to agree with the new interpretation. 

I literally made a list of them and brainwashed myself.  I said “I thought I knew these things one way but I have never experienced freedom from sin, so I no longer agree with those things, I now agree with this” and then I would memorize what he said as my new interpretation of Truth. 

Anything that produces the fruit of holiness so easily, so effortlessly, must be true. 

I used to think “If I can understand it and it seems to be in the Bible then it is true”  but that never caused sustained transformation.  

So I changed it to: “If it produces literal and instantaneous freedom from sin and the atmosphere of heaven then it is true.”   

You see the difference?!

Every single point that a person is defeated by sin or the devil and experiences hell can be traced back to an agreement they have made with hell. You simply have to know exactly what to agree with and what not to agree with and you have to be willing to OBEY God.

You might be thinking “this sounds too good to be true!  Is it really that easy?!  

When it comes to Jesus nothing is ever ”too good to be true” but easy?  Well that depends on how humble you are.  It took me almost being dragged into hell to get humble enough to make covenants with heaven ONLY.  

Like many people I worshipped my own mind and would only believe something if I could understand it.  I would only agree with it if it made sense to me.  I did not have real faith. I relied on my REASON.  

And many of these agreements I have found in his material are not reasonable at all.  They fly in the face of what almost all people claiming to be Christians actually believe! 

You have to remember that most people today do not even believe you can be PERFECTLY FREE from ALL sin in this life. 

Some of the “Truths of Heaven” are very offensive to the mind and require “blind faith” until you can get your footing and start to experience this freedom yourself. 

Once you begin to experience heaven you will KNOW it is the truth.

But you have to take someone’s hand and let them lead you into completely new territory! 

That is scary!  And it only works if you do it ALL AT ONCE. 

You cannot agree with 98% of the Truth and get the fruit I am talking about.  That is why I am telling you all about how it works so you can make a decision to get rid of your reason and consciously brainwash yourself to make covenants with heaven only. 

You have to be prepared to leave the crowd and go where very few have gone before.   

“For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”  Matthew 7:14 

Yes few, very few find it. 

Are you one of them? 

Can you leave the crowd? 

Can you follow Jesus into the wild places of peace and joy?  

Yes of course you can, but are you willing to OBEY God?  Because that is what this is all about: FOLLOWING Him ONLY. 

He IS heaven and where heaven is, hell cannot be.   

This is not just about REPENTING (which means changing your mind)

You are going to have to TURN from sin unto the living God.  

You must first repent (make covenants ONLY with heaven) then COME to him BY leaving sin.  God is the one who sets you free and keeps you free.  So you must come to him. 

There is no such thing as coming to God without consciously forsaking and leaving sin.  

That is what the Scriptures say.  They introduce you to his character and show you that you must come to him.  They show that you must leave sin in order to come. 

I want to say it again: There is no such thing as coming to God without leaving sin!

Explosive moves away from sin = explosive moves toward God.  

But your covenants with hell must be broken or you will find it IMPOSSIBLE to permanently leave sin.  If you make a covenant with hell, hell can stop you from coming to Him because you give them legal right to by your agreement. 

So here is how it works:  You align your mind and your actions with heaven and as you make explosive moves away from sin you will realize God’s own peace and power to live righteously.  

When you are making covenants with heaven ONLY there is not a devil in hell that can stop you from walking in perfect freedom.  

The kingdom of darkness can do little more than watch terrified as you enjoy God continuously and bring havoc on darkness everywhere you go.

This is what Jesus purchased for you and I can show you the very simple keys to instantly manifest this reality.

I say “instantly”.  It really depends on you. 

It took me about 17 hours to go from being completely bound by sin and tormented by demons to enjoying the reality of heaven on earth. 

Results may vary!  Perhaps you will do even faster than I did!

So few ever walk in this kind of relationship with God that the experience of the majority has become our modern day “Christianity”. This is not a biblical faith but a system devised by men who are frustrated with the intense devotion God has called us to…His love cannot be earned, it has to be caught! Get caught by His love today and repent of every thought pattern and habit that has kept you bound in religion!

If you are bound by habitual sin…sexual immorality, lying, gluttony, covetousness, gossip, fits of anger, pride, arrogance, haughtiness, self righteousness, unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness…the list could go on…and you are a bible believing Christian, you are bound by religion! If you see any of these sins operating in your life, don’t make any excuse for them. Can I invite you to come before the Lord in this very moment and confess your sin to Him? Based on what you just read, do you believe that He has made complete provision for you to be free from all sin right now? Please say this prayer out loud and receive what Jesus won for us on the cross of Calvary:

Father, I come before you now, in the name of Your son Jesus. I confess the sin of _______________ to You, God and I ask You to forgive me. Cleanse me of all unrighteousness by the power that is in the Blood of Jesus. I reject every lie that says I cannot walk in complete victory through the finished work of the Cross. I invite you to be enthroned in my heart as the Lord of my life. Thank You for opening my eyes to see every good thing You have given me in Christ. Thank You for Your grace that empowers me to live a life of radical obedience to You, God. Fill me with Your love so that You overflow from every part of my life. I welcome the supernatural ministry of Your Holy Spirit into every aspect of my life and I thank You for setting me on fire with Your vision for the lives of everyone I encounter. I love You, Jesus! Amen.

That is a good start, but your words must be followed by ACTION.

This only works for people who will do WHATEVER IT TAKES to be free from sin RIGHT NOW.  

You have to be desperate for freedom to enter into the presence of God.

What is the presence of God? It is the atmosphere of heaven.  It is the reason heaven feels good.  It is heavy continuous peace and the electric Joy of God also called glory.  

As you press on past the crowd you will experience many different types and degrees of glory, but what you need to know right now is that the glory, which is the atmosphere of heaven) is usually terrifying at first.  

The Fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.   

If you are getting scared by any of these agreements THAT IS A GOOD SIGN!  It means you are on the right track!

There are 3 main categories of covenants. 

1 Who you think God is 

2 What you believe God says about you. 

3 What Jesus purchased for you on the Cross. 

Now the truth of these three things and your coming into agreement with them (first in your mind and thus your heart) will absolutely set you free from ANY bandage, addiction, depression, compulsion, and allow you to enjoy the reality of heaven on earth right now.  

You will begin to experience heaven as soon as you come into agreement with Truth and ACT on it.  Because it is the Truth which sets you free.  

There is a catch though, something you have to be willing to do before you can experience the power of uncompromised truth.  You must absolutely forsake all of your compromised “truth”.  

That is YOUR interpretation of truth which has never set you free to experience the presence of God without interruption.  

You cannot bring your previous interpretation of the Gospel with you or it will impose itself over the TRUTH and will keep you bondage. 

It is imperative that you remove all your  previous agreements to break every covenant that you may have with hell.

To make sure you are actually doing that you must make the following agreement with heaven or don’t bother going any further here with this program because you will not make it!

Here is the Truth:

It does not matter if you have been a Born Again tongues talking Christian for 30 years. If you are not PERFECTLY free from all sin, You do not KNOW the real Jesus of the Bible. 

Is that hard for you to agree with?  You better humble yourself.

Here is the second part of this Truth.

Your favorite pastor, teacher or preacher who has NEVER given you what you need to be free from all of Satan’s influences IS THE ENEMY.  

They have been sent by the enemy to confuse you and trick you into making covenants with hell instead of heaven.  They may be born again, operating in power, signs, wonders and miracles.  They may have some very good fruit in their life.  They may have had mind blowing encounters with God but if their message does not instantly set you free from sin it is not sourced from the Holy Spirit but ANOTHER spirit.  

Of course they don’t know, and of course they don’t mean to be a tool of the devil!!  They are deceived themselves!!  

They are a product of compromised truth.  They have mixed the truth of God’s word with their own reason and experience to produce a deadly cocktail of truth and lies called Dead Religion.  

It has a form of godliness but lacks the power to transform you. Did you know ONLY “sincere ministers of the Gospel” can deliver this species of satanism to your mind and heart and keep you in defeat?  

You think that is tough to swallow? Well this was possibly the most offensive thing I had ever heard!  When I got close to making this agreement I heard a voice rise up inside of me.  It sounded just like me. In fact I thought it was me!  

It said: “you mean to tell me that if I am not walking in perfect freedom from sin NOW then I do not have anything to offer God or people?  It sounded so unreasonable and pathetic!  

I couldn’t imagine it was true!!  I could not imagine agreeing with such a flesh withering Truth!!  What about all miracles, salvations, giving and experiences with Jesus that I have had and been apart of?  Jesus how can you say: “depart from me I never knew you”?!  

Agreeing with that felt like death.  It felt like I was throwing MYSELF away by agreeing with that! 

You know what I did?  

I just walked right past it!!  I knew I had been deceived because I was not free.

I swallowed hard and walked right past that pathetically whiny little voice into a whole new reality!

I was astonished to find that little voice was the very Spirit of Dead Religion!!  It was the last thing holding back my transformation.  

It is the Spirit of  Anti-Christ and ANTI-TRANSFORMATION.  It was providing a covering for all the demons who were tormenting me..  It was protecting them.. 

“What about me? You mean I am not worth anything?”  NO!!  Dead Religion you are not worth ANYTHING!!  

If you are not altogether NEW in every way and PERFECTLY FREE FROM SIN NOW then you have NOTHING to offer ANYONE and EVERYTHING you do will be tainted by that evil Spirit.  IT HAS TO GO! 

To the vast majority of “Christians” Jesus will yet say “Depart from me I never KNEW you”  How do you know if you KNOW him.

“You will not sin” 1 John

So that is the catch.  If you are so proud that you cannot believe something like that even though the proof is all around you, then, there is really no hope for you and you should just get comfortable living in defeat because that is exactly where you are going to stay!

Just know that it is not “ok” and it may never be “ok” if you don’t repent and TURN to Jesus.  Because what I have just described to you is a sure sign that you are on the “broad road” which leads to destruction and nothing but true Humility will ever save you.         

Don’t misunderstand me; Jesus already saved you, he finished it, completed it, and perfected your salvation but unless you come into agreement with the actual uncompromised truth of it (the one which does not make ANY room for sin) then his sacrifice will avail you nothing. You will only be guilty of trampling underfoot the son of God and despising the blood that MADE YOU HOLY.  Because you have been made Holy already.  

You have to subject your mind to uncompromised Truth WITHOUT HOLDING ONTO ANY OF YOUR OLD INTERPRETATIONS!  This will restore your spirit to its proper place in your person. Then you can TURN from the things which God hates and walk away even from the desire for them.

When I got rid of that religious spirit I started picking off those demons easily! 

If you get rid of the evil spirits you will see and experience how saved you already are!

Heaven is real.  

You know that there is no sin in Jesus and you know there is no sin in heaven.   But do you see that if there is sin in you, or if you are in sin, you are not a part of heaven yet? 

If there is sin in you, you have not agreed with the Truth and according to the Bible you do not yet know Jesus. 

This is not my opinion.  This is what the Scriptures say.

It takes the utmost humility to admit that you do not actually KNOW Jesus Christ especially if you have been born again for a very long time.  You may even be a pastor!  

It takes extreme humility to admit that because there are areas in your life which are under the authority of hell then your entire life is DEFILED and one day these things will drag your whole person to hell.  

It takes HUMILITY to agree with what the Bible says when it is SO CONTRARY TO REASON and EXPERIENCE!  

That means you have to STOP LISTENING to ALL of those sincere ministers of the Gospel.  They are sincerely CONFUSED!

Your favorite pastor, preacher or teacher who has NEVER given you what you need to be free from all of Satan’s influences in your life IS THE ENEMY.  They are sent by the enemy to confuse you and trick you into making covenants with hell instead of heaven and you must completely renounce ALL their teachings. 

That is the bar under which every hungry soul must stoop to align yourself with the reality of heaven in this life.     

It takes a desperate hunger to be willing to throw your understanding of truth completely away in exchange for the truth which sets you free from even the desire for sin.

And my friend I can tell you from experience that the truth is so offensive to reason that if it had not INSTANTLY set me free I would not have continued.

Jesus set me free 2000 years ago.  Jesus set you free over 2000 years ago.  Now it is up to you to come into alignment with that reality.  Set your heart to obey God and you will begin to realize how free you are.  

How do you walk on water?  It is impossible!  You do have to take a step tho and when you do you will find supernatural power carrying you!

You need to understand there are demonic versions of virtually EVERY DOCTRINE contained in the Bible and the ONLY way to tell what are the TRUE VERSIONS is by their relation to sin and obedience.  

For instance: the demonic version of predestination and the sovereignty of God keeps one unable to walk in perfect freedom from sin whereas the Divine version is centered around perfect freedom from sin NOW.   

So if your understanding of ANY doctrine in the Bible excuses, redefines or overlooks sin it is demonic.  

If your interpretation of a doctrine downplays the importance of your choice to obey Gods Word then it is demonic.  

If you agree with a compromising interpretation of Scripture you will not experience freedom from sin and you will be held accountable for YOUR CHOICE TO REJECT the LORDSHIP of JESUS.  

Right agreements are no substitute for KNOWING God but right beliefs [agreements] will force you OUT of your mind [which is the soul realm] into the Spirit realm where Heaven is.  Agreeing With God is Offensive to the mind for this reason so you have to choose:  

Agree ONLY with God and walk away from a hellish existence into a heavenly one OR reject Truth and continue Life as you have known it.  

If life is Hell now you should not be expecting heaven when you die. 

Hope, joy, peace, love, authority, holiness, freedom, power, prayer, humility, wisdom, mercy, grace, truth; The Church’s version of these truths are completely COUNTERFEIT. 

Their version of god is NOT God at all but a demon masquerading as God. 

It takes complete humility and a desperate hunger for real freedom to be willing to throw out your understanding of truth in exchange for the truth which sets you free from even the desire for sin.  

Do you want to be free?  

Your favorite teacher of “truth” IS THE ENEMY.  

Do you Agree?  YES (Jump into a whole new reality)  NO(stay bound by sin)

Very good, you are at the jumping off point right now.  I wish I could say that it all downhill from here, but that would not be true, you have to FIGHT to guard yourself from the influences of Dead Religion.

In order to keep you in a state and posture of Humility throughout the “process” it is important to realize and AGREE that Jesus has already done everything for you to be free and experience the freedom of heaven NOW.  

That means if you are not experiencing deliverance or healing in a certain area the ONLY reason is because you are ACTIVELY REJECTING IT.   You are REJECTING HIM!

In other words, God is NEVER holding out on you and he NEVER sets anyone up to fail. 

People fail because they refuse to Trust him (which means OBEY) and Agree with who he is and what He has done.

Are you ready to walk on water? 😀

By virtue of the fact that you are still reading this you have been qualified by the Spirit of the Living God to play a vital part in the greatest Love Story ever told. I’ll go so far as to say you have been called, created even, for one of the lead roles. Now, before we take this any further, I feel compelled to tell you, there is one small “catch.” It is a very small and completely impossible requirement that you must fulfill before embarking on this marvelous journey…

All of your strength, experience, ideas, resources, education, desires, understanding, ambitions, beliefs, plans, hopes, dreams, aspirations, fears, concerns…well, you get the point; your very thoughts must be left right here. Leave them all right here. On that ‘period’ just behind us, please. You won’t need them where we’re going and and in fact you won’t be allowed in if you try to bring them. The One we’re going to talk to, sees everything, so don’t bother trying to sneak ’em in, either. One last thing, and then we will really get down to it. If you don’t believe in God and you would really rather just skip right to whatever the point of all this is…sorry. Your beliefs are supposed to be back there on that ‘period’, so technically we can’t even have this conversation.

Ready? Here we go!

There was nothing. Then there was something. Before there was nothing, there was Someone. These words are pathetically unable to describe this Someone to you but Love insists I make an attempt. He wraps Himself in light. Before there was light He wrapped Himself in light. The nothing was full of Him in a measure of full that our finite minds cannot understand. The something that came from nothing is you. You were there, with Him, and He called you, which was first the something…Everything. You are everything to Him. You exist in Him, by Him and for Him. You belong to Him. You were made for Him before there was nothing, long before there was the something called you, He Knew you by name and loved you. And He still does.

Keeping rhythm with His heart beat, all things breathe and pulse and beat with the life He released from Himself. He breathed all of creation, not just what humans have discovered thus far, but ALL of creation, into existence with a song. Wisdom was there with Him; leaping, whirling and dancing with shouts of laughter, galaxies and mysteries beyond comprehension sparking from His fingertips, streaking into infinity and…guess what? You were there, too. Have you ever gazed in wonder, wistful ache rising from some long forgotten place so deep within you call it *Romance*, at the vast array of stars spread twinkling overhead and being buried from horizon to horizon in the stuff we’re made of? This form that runs and loves and mourns, sleeps and shouts, births and passes back into the very earth He spoke into reality; this form is passing, less real by far than our true body He’s hidden in Himself. Just as this quickly fading world now tripped and twisted in lies, is less real, by universes, than the weightier Truth of His glory.

He makes all things new. Our Brother, who is also paradoxically, our God, is not bound by time, space or any other irrelevant measure that we grip so desperately. He is the Beginning and the End. I can’t write another word without saying it. His name is Jesus. The Christ from a little town on earth called Nazareth. Yeshua Ha’ Mashiach. The One who spans the universe between thumb and pinkie finger, set aside His glory and was born into the humblest circumstance He could find here on earth. He was born not to a king ruling over many but to a carpenter who was not even his father. His mother was not the the radiant queen of a vast empire, soaked in wealth and fame, but a young girl suddenly pregnant without a husband, right under the noses of a very watchful culture of accusation. This One who called everything, remember that’s you, out of nothing, the same One who flung the stars into space with a grin, was now nursing at His mama’s breast. He crawled, then toddled, then walked and eventually ran. He learned how to strap on his sandals, get dressed and how to feed Himself. As a small child, He passed warm spring days laughing, playing with friends, having raucous mud fights, dangling toes in cool water, biting into pomegranates, red juices dribbling down His young face. 

In Joseph’s workshop, He learned how to select the right piece of lumber for the project at hand. How to prepare the wood for its specific purpose and how to bring it to life and make it a fit vessel or piece of furniture for the homes of the people both in His village and in surrounding towns. He cut Himself on occasion, scrapes, bruises, blisters…the usual stuff that happens when one is working with their hands. Did he ever stop, with a nicked thumb or bloody nose, and look at the color of His blood? Taste it, as all boys do and wonder at the power that was hidden in its coppery substance? Did He know, with an intrinsic divine knowledge, that it would be this very same blood that would one day…make all things new? Or was this crushing weight of responsibility and destiny downloaded into His twelve year old mind on that famous day He set about doing His Father’s business? Maybe it wasn’t until Gethsemane that He finally understood the full measure of all that was entrusted to Him. I don’t have those answers, and while I’m sure there will be those who will vehemently argue one position or another, let me say this; His Blood Makes All Things New.

In three spectacularly short years, Jesus managed to accomplish more than any man before Him or after Him could ever hope to accomplish in a billion lifetimes. He was wholeheartedly submitted to every glance and whisper of His Father. There was no such concept of His timing vs. God’s timing. Not even one thought about Jesus’ plans vs. His Father’s plans. He only did what He saw His Father do. When it was time to be tortured on Golgotha, He asked three times, each more convincing than the last. “O My Father, if it is possible, let this cup pass from Me; nevertheless, not as I will, but as You will.” His unflinching obedience to the will of His Father was born from the same place you were born. Nothing. Something. Everything. He was there (with you) in the beginning, remember…and He’s already been to the end. He is both the Beginning and the End. He invites us with a smile to see the end from the beginning. He is the Faithful and True Witness and He will finish, with a flourish, that which He Himself has begun. If you are still reading this, rest assured, He has begun a work in you and God ALWAYS finishes what He starts. We’re almost to the Good News part of this message.

King David was a man who loved BIG and blew it BIG. No doubt most of you reading this are familiar with the sordid tale of adultery and murder that mars an otherwise stellar record of someone who REALLY loves God! I’m guessing that relatively few of us have read and understood the horrific account of what happened when King David took an unauthorized census. Yup, that’s right, David counted how many fighting men were in his kingdom and God wiped out seventy thousand of the total population. Here’s how it looks in the Bible:

(I Chronicles 21:1-13)
“Satan rose up against Israel and caused David to take a census of the people of Israel. So David said to Joab and the commanders of the army, “Take a census of all the people of Israel—from Beersheba in the south to Dan in the north—and bring me a report so I may know how many there are.”

But Joab replied, “May the Lord increase the number of his people a hundred times over! But why, my lord the king, do you want to do this? Are they not all your servants? Why must you cause Israel to sin?”

But the king insisted that they take the census, so Joab traveled throughout all Israel to count the people. Then he returned to Jerusalem and reported the number of people to David. There were 1,100,000 warriors in all Israel who could handle a sword, and 470,000 in Judah. But Joab did not include the tribes of Levi and Benjamin in the census because he was so distressed at what the king had made him do.

God was very displeased with the census, and he punished Israel for it. Then David said to God, “I have sinned greatly by taking this census. Please forgive my guilt for doing this foolish thing.”

Then the Lord spoke to Gad, David’s seer. This was the message: “Go and say to David, ‘This is what the Lord says: I will give you three choices. Choose one of these punishments, and I will inflict it on you.’”

So Gad came to David and said, “These are the choices the Lord has given you. You may choose three years of famine, three months of destruction by the sword of your enemies, or three days of severe plague as the angel of the Lord brings devastation throughout the land of Israel. Decide what answer I should give the Lord who sent me.”

“I’m in a desperate situation!” David replied to Gad. “But let me fall into the hands of the Lord, for his mercy is very great. Do not let me fall into human hands.”

I know I promised good news and we’re almost there! We see in the above story that the enemy came in and led David into sin. His military commander, Joab, tried to deter David but he was so intent on flexing the arm of his strength that he ignored the man he himself had chosen to advise him. When King David was presented with three choices, we see that he chose to be punished by God’s hands rather than be given over to the wrath of his enemies…”for His mercy is very great. Do not let me fall into human hands.” This speaks volumes of the understanding David had of God’s emotions. It also shows us that God HATES the arm of the flesh. David placed his trust in his own resources and God promptly judged it. In II Samuel 24 we read that God Himself caused King David to take the census: “Once again the anger of the Lord burned against Israel, and he caused David to harm them by taking a census.” Both versions of the events indicate one very solid truth. God will expose every place in our hearts where we lean upon the arm of the flesh and our own timing…and He’ll do it by any means necessary. 

The western church and we as individuals, especially in this great country called the USA, have relied upon our resources, strengths and abilities as a way of life for many generations. The name ‘America’ actually means industrious. And let me be very clear, there is nothing wrong with hard work. The problem manifests when one’s work ethic takes the place of God. I can almost hear the protests and the various Proverbs being quoted right now! Let me explain…man’s ability to gain wealth comes from God. His resources, experience and knowledge all come from God. Our government was established on biblical principles, by men who for the most part, knew God. As long as God is at the center of a thing, whether it be a nation’s government or a family, we can be assured of its success. By contrast, when people begin to think, act, speak and rule from a place of self sufficiency, we can be equally confident of abysmal failure. 

The fairytale of families that succeed without God at their center is being exposed as a wicked lie. There is simply no measure of privilege, affluence or education that will protect the organization of self reliant humans in any form, from the judgment of God.This is because of His great love. You see, self reliance, is at it’s root, rebellion. And rebellion is the quickest way in all of eternity to separate oneself from the loving embrace of a Holy God. Ask lucifer. On second thought, let’s talk to God a little more about this. He made us for Himself. To walk with Him in the cool of the Garden, according to the book of Genesis. Walking and talking with God, just spending time with Him, is the highest calling and purpose given to every person reading these words. The careers, mortgages, car payments and credit card debts are all just a by product of the fact that you are able to breathe and get out the door in the morning. He makes it possible for you to do that. His first priority is not that the house payment be made, the retirement portfolio get fatter or that you stay on the fast track to breaking every sales record in the company you work for.

His first and I’ll say BURNING priority is that you know Him and He know you. I get the fact that you may be in ministry, up at dawn and never in bed ’till after midnight. I can relate. It may be possible that every cent that passes through your hands goes right into the Kingdom. That’s fantastic. If you are still laboring under the impression that the bondage, mindsets and destructive habits present in your life are just part of being a human on the planet, you are about to finally hear some really, really, REALLY GOOD NEWS. He makes ALL things new. He knew your name before there was nothing, remember? YOU are His EVERYTHING. You have a destiny to fulfill that believe it or not, nobody else can fulfill. YOU were created for such a time as this. Right NOW. To know HIM. The King of Glory. The Beginning and the End. Listen, though. I didn’t say to know about Him, I said to Know HIM. Intimately. As a Friend speaks to His friend, so does the Unfathomable God of All Creation want to speak to YOU. He shares His secrets with His friends. Mysteries of the universe are just some of the treasures laying about in the Presence of His Glory. I’ve learned something about Him that I have to share with you, though. 

HIS FAVORITE THING TO TALK ABOUT IS YOU. God loves to tell you all about you. How much He loves YOU. What He has in mind for YOU. What He saw when He created you and called your name way back in the beginning, before there was even the something that became His EVERYTHING, which is YOU. Open your heart to Jesus and let Him come in and begin to tell you about you and who you really are. As you hear God tell you how much He loves you and what kind of amazing things He’s designed you to do while you’re here on earth, the old stuff that has held you trapped in a false identity…just falls off. 

EVERY Habit, Shame, Addiction, Heartache, Failure etc., burns off in the presence of the King. 

The self reliance, compromises and human reasoning that have become a part of your daily life, are the very source of the anxiety and fear that have gripped your heart for so many years. Today is the day of salvation. Salvation not only from eternity without God, but salvation from the sins that have tormented you here on earth. Repent. That means turn away from everything that has been coming up in your heart as a problem while you’ve been reading this. The Lord Jesus must be just that before He can be your friend. He must be Lord of your whole life. Every part of your heart must belong to Him, with no excuses, no justifications and no defensiveness. He is able to complete that work which He has begun in you. Let Him do it.

Remember when I said in the beginning of this note that the measure of the goodness of God you experienced as a result of this good news was up to you? Well, here we are. It’s up to you. The judgment you have sensed in the recent weeks and months is the divine judgment of your Father in Heaven. His mercy compels Him to warn his Bride and chasten her when needed…before He returns in all His glory. Respond today and throw yourself into His hands. He is merciful and will purify you according to His righteous judgment. If you have sensed the call of God as you read through this message, a call to surrender, to come higher and lay down your understanding, I encourage you to take just one more small step towards the full measure of freedom and grace of the Father for your life…please speak this prayer out loud:

Lord Jesus, I confess to You that I have run hard and fast after other things. Forgive me, God, and wash my mind, heart and body clean by Your Blood that was shed on Calvary’s Cross. I renounce my ways, my ambitions and everything that does not clearly say,”I love You, God.” 

I thank You for showing me the most hidden chambers of my heart and illuminating the darkest corners by the mighty power of Your Word. Abba Father, I lay down my weapons of self defense, my opinions and rights and false identities. You did not create me to be addicted to anything but You. I acknowledge that You are sovereign…You are the Beginning and the End and I give You thanks for opening my eyes to see the Big picture. 

You called my name out of nothing and declare me to be Your everything. Cause the reality of this great truth…THAT I AM EVERYTHING TO YOU…to press all other identities aside. Live in me with the full expression of Your love evident for all to see. I will love with Your love because You have first loved me. I forgive all who have sinned against me. I embrace your refining and correction as a child does the loving discipline of the most Perfect Father. Thank You for Joy, now, God, as I continue on this journey, hand in hand with You…Amen.

That was just a little taste of the original Throne Room Light writings.  They contain many of the agreements we need to make covenants with Heaven ONLY.  

I went back to the guy I got these writings from and said: “It is the strangest thing; as soon as I agree with you and your interpretation I am instantly and effortlessly set free from even the desire for sin!  

But if I listen to ANY other interpretation I start to feel bound again!! The peace goes out the window, irritations start coming back and I start to want to smoke cigarettes again!  I have noticed this again and again! 

It is amazing!!  I have never heard of anything like it.  Can you tell me where you got it?

Then He told me how The Lord Jesus Christ walked into my kitchen in the flesh (literally wearing sandals and a tunic) and instantly set him free then taught him for months about making agreements only with heaven.

Wow Jesus never walked into my kitchen, in fact I have never had a crazy encounter like that, but when I agreed with what my friend was given I got the same results! 

You can read and download all the Original Throne Room Light writings at

Jesus rebuked the Pharisees because they made the word of God to none effect by their traditions.  Today we do the same thing with our perfectly reasonable traditional interpretations of Scripture!!  It’s not just that the Church has been infiltrated for over 500 years and is spreading blatant lies.

The problem is that you must make covenants with Truth ONLY and not everything in the Bible is true!!

Now please understand me here.  Everything in the Bible is correct, but not everything is what you would call “eternal truth” 

Some of what the Bible contains are FACTS and those facts are infallibly correct, but they are not “Truth” when viewed through the Finished Works of the Cross.

Some information in the Bible is there only to put the truth into context!   But virtually every teacher today jumbles everything together!  They confuse facts with truth and combine those facts with reason to create DEADLY LIES that seem to be true.  And agreeing with even one of these lies can stop you from manifesting the freedom of heaven so it is imperative that you understand how to separate facts from Truth

Facts vs TRUTH – 

You MUST “Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.  But small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to life, and only a few find it.”

There is a reason why Paul said “I beat my body and bring it into subjection lest I myself should be a cast away”  And that reason is scary.  You can fall from any level and at any time!

If you are agreeing with the truth you will be scared at first.  If you are not scared then you are really not believing it is the truth. 

It is better to be scared for a moment and get free, than continue to live bound by sin and end up in hell with no way of escape. (now that is Scary)

Not very many people talk about the FEAR OF THE LORD but the Bible says that it is the beginning of Wisdom.  If you start to feel scared, that is a really good sign, because it means that you are starting to enter into his presence.  Don’t resist the fear, dive into it!

If you start to feel terrified that is even better because it means you are really going straight in, do not back down, everyone must go through that to get into the atmosphere of heaven.  You are so close. 

There is no such thing as freedom without wisdom and there is no such thing as wisdom without the Terror of the LORD.  There is no such thing as Terror without the realization that “you also can be cut off” and “blotted out” of the book of life. So that is the first agreement that has to go “Once saved always saved” is a LIE from hell and that lie alone will stop you from being transformed. 

Jesus made you holy, he not only justified you he SANCTIFIED you.  He sanctified EVERYONE.  His Blood was way more than enough to do that.

That is why if you read the New Testament carefully you will see there is no such thing as sinning from a sinful nature.  There is only “trampling underfoot the Son of God and despising the blood that MADE YOU HOLY”  Because that is what happened on the Cross.

This is what JESUS did.  He made you holy “ONCE AND FOR ALL”.  

But if you choose not to ACT on that revelation, if you just sit there and wait for God to do something “more” you will sit there FOREVER and miss your whole chance to live.  

It is while you are yet MOVING in OBEDIENCE to the Word that the reality of what Jesus already accomplished for you is manifested.  And there is not a demon in hell that can stop you.    

Seemingly unbreakable addictions and invincible strongholds break like paper chains.  They fall off like absolutely NOTHING!

So do not whittle down the message which is “able to save your soul” and make you “wise unto salvation”  Face it head on and allow it to govern your mind no matter how scary and contrary to reason it is.  

“I don’t want you to forget, dear brothers and sisters, about our ancestors in the wilderness long ago. All of them were guided by a cloud that moved ahead of them, and all of them walked through the sea on dry ground.  They were all baptized into Moses in the cloud and in the sea.  They all ate the same spiritual food and drank the same spiritual drink; for they drank from the spiritual rock that accompanied them, and that rock was Christ.  Yet God was not pleased with most of them, and their bodies were scattered in the wilderness.  Now these things took place as examples for us, that we might not DESIRE evil as they did.  Do not be idolaters as some of them were; as it is written, “The people sat down to eat and drink and rose up to play.”  And we must not engage in sexual immorality as some of them did, causing 23,000 of them to die in one day.  We must not put Christ to the test, as some of them did and were destroyed by serpents,  And don’t grumble as some of them did, and then were destroyed by the angel of death.  These things happened to them as examples and were written down as warnings for us, on whom the culmination of the ages has come. I Corinthians 9-10

I know for myself, the only thing that got me through into the constant abiding atmosphere of heaven on earth was pure fear of the LORD and 100% conviction that the Word is true. 

I have never heard of anyone entering the presence of God without going through the terror of it first.

It is the beginning of wisdom, the “strength of salvation”  Jesus was saturated in it.  The Bible says he “smelt of it” and “delighted in it”

We better act as righteous as he made us or else. 

“Let no one deceive you, my children! Whoever does what is right is righteous, just as Christ is righteous, but whoever continues to sin belongs to the Devil”

Gods promises will stand when nothing else stands, but all of them have certain qualifications.  Take Psalm 91 for example: 

“Because thou hast made the LORD your  refuge even the most High, thy habitation; There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling.” 

Very many people will claim this verse without FIRST making God their habitation.  I am scared for them.  There is a fine line between faith and presumption and that line is OBEDIENCE.