Hear the Voice of God Now

It took me a while to realize that I could personally hear from God,  but once I did, I stopped worrying about everything else in my life.  I knew that simple obedience to God was a master key to life, but I also knew that obeying the Bible was not going to help me figure out EXACTLY what path I was supposed to be on.   

Of course if someone does you wrong or hurts you, you know what you should do in that situation: you forgive and bless that person NO MATTER WHAT because that is what the Bible says to do.  You don’t need to hear a specific word about it.  But what about the very important decisions that have nothing to do with loving your neighbor as yourself?  That is when you have to get answers straight from Jesus. 

The Bible is there to introduce you to Jesus so you can have a personal relationship with Him.  The Bible says “Listen for GOD’s VOICE in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track. (Prov 3:6)  

That word for “voice” is “phonos” the same root word we have for telephone!

Can you imagine how helpful it would be to call God on a telephone, ask him important questions and get immediate answers?

Did you know there are very many Christians hearing from God and following him in this way?  I knew God spoke to people in the Bible. I knew God spoke to people the same ways today but I never heard anyone explain EXACTLY how to do it starting RIGHT NOW.    How do I start?  What does He sound like?  I had to figure it out myself. 

The way I started was so simple and easy I know that ANYONE can start hearing from God immediately.   Some people only seek God’s guidance for “major life changing decisions” but if you learn to discern his voice by  implementing a few little “tricks” you can get as much guidance as you want!  

And I am always glad when I ask Jesus for directions.  Following him always works out best.  Practice obeying, especially when he tells you to do something that is the opposite of what you would naturally think and you will be astounded at how well your life starts to work.

That is also how you separate your spirit from your soul and restore the proper functioning of your being.  In the beginning, before the fall, our spirit was in complete control of our bodies but after the fall the spirit descended to the level of the soul and became encased by it.   The spirit no longer told the mind what to do but the mind started to exert authority over the spirit and tell it what to do.  

That is all wrong.  That is why we must be born again.  At the new birth a spiritual operation takes place.   

Your spirit is released to its proper place so you can SEE and HEAR.  “Very truly I tell you, no one can see the kingdom of God unless they are born again.” -Jesus   That is what Jesus was talking about.  So when we are born again, the soul is opened and the spirit is brought into union with God himself (the Holy Spirit)   “The word of God is sharper than any two edged sword even to the dividing asunder the soul and spirit” The human spirit is released to its proper place of authority again.

This is, in essence a mind hacking program.  We are systematically shutting down your mind and making it serve your spirit.  This is how you operate in the heavenly reality on earth: through your spiritual senses.  Reason and Logic play a role, but it is NOT to direct your path, it is to help you understand and make the decision to follow Him ONLY.

The way has been opened again for God to control your being and you must train yourself to live by your spiritual senses if you want to see the fruit of it.

You have to be DETERMINED to do this.  

The Bible commands us to STRIVE to enter into the straight gate and to LABOUR to enter into His rest.  Jesus was so determined to do “ONLY what he saw his Father doing” that Lazarus DIED as a result. When you are determined to hear God’s way, you will hear it no matter what and you will have no fear of anything ever because you KNOW you are right where God wants you to be.

You do not need this book or any book to hear the voice of God.

Here is what you need:

You need to WANT to hear His voice

AGREE that you DO hear His voice 

And be DETERMINED to WAIT until you hear his voice before you make a decision!

Then you will hear for sure, and the Peace of God will confirm it.

“In ALL your ways lean NOT to your own understanding but acknowledge Him and he will direct your path.”  If I will acknowledge God in every situation and WAIT on Him to speak, HE ALWAYS SPEAKS. That is his promise.

I can’t tell you how many times I have had to WAIT at the crossroad for him to speak.  “Should I go left, right or straight?” “Maybe I should go back?”  Sometimes I don’t hear anything right away or what I hear is confusing, it is not crystal clear.  So you know what I do?  I just get comfortable and REFUSE to move a muscle until I get his clear direction.  Most likely it is some demonic spirit trying to confuse me or maybe I am trying to move too fast.   

So I go through my little “ritual” of applying the blood and smashing all evil spirits into oblivion to get rid of any “static” on the line. 

Sometimes God is testing me to see whether I truly want his way or if I am going to try to figure it out on my own.  

Hearing God’s voice is about making you DEPENDANT on Him. 

That is how you enter into REST.  God has everything figured out and all you ever have to do is ask him what your next step is and obey.  You don’t have to worry about anything else.  You do not have to worry about tomorrow.  You do not have to worry about what you are going to eat or where you are going to stay.  You do not have to worry about money or your retirement.  You do not have to know what the plan is.  All you have to do is focus on God in the moment and get His specific directions for you and then he will take care of the rest.  That is his promise.

Take Psalm 91 for example.  BECAUSE you have made the LORD your refuge even the Most High your habitation, there shall no evil befall you neither shall any plague come nigh your dwelling.  This is a real promise.  Made by a God who cannot lie and who is TOTALLY ABLE to fulfill it in your life, but did you notice that qualification:  “If you will MAKE HIM your habitation” 

Hearing and following his voice is a major KEY to making God your habitation and entering into HIS ETERNAL REST.  That is THE WAY to experience heaven on earth. This is the real eternal REST the Sabbath day foreshadowed.  Hebrews speaks of ANOTHER REST that we must enter into and it even says that we should “FEAR” that we might not make it.  

This “other rest” is where we REST from our own works.  How do you do that?  By doing ONLY what you see the Father doing.  By doing ONLY what Jesus is telling you to do and NOT worrying about anything else.  It is a place of perfect immovable peace.  This is how you “rest from your own works”

This book is not just about teaching you to hear God so you can be guided safely through every obstacle and trap of the devil, it is also about training you to handle bigger and bigger responsibility on the earth.  If you are really determined to live your life in this manner, it is not going to be long before God trusts you with some real responsibility.  

Few people have real spiritual authority because they do not intentionally order their steps by the LORD and wait for him to give them clear direction.  Of course God still uses those other people in many ways, but he cannot trust them with AUTHORITY.  

Before you can implement what I want to show you, you have to give your life to Jesus and NOT CARE which way he wants you to go.  All your dreams and what you think you should do with your life have to be absolutely forsaken. You don’t know what is best for you and God knows what you truly want even more than you do.

He wants the very best for you.  Do you trust him?  The only way you can prove that is by FOLLOWING Him.  Not his book (which is infallible) but his actual person, his actual voice.  The Bible is amazing.  The Word is Living and Active, sharper than any two edged sword.  But it was never meant for you to follow in the sense that I am talking about.

Jesus wants you to follow Him only, and If you have a certain desire or a way you THINK things should go then you could make yourself “hear” that direction and you might as well not pretend that you are asking Jesus anything, cause you aren’t.  

If you are just starting this, and are sincere, you can almost guarantee Jesus is going to have you do the OPPOSITE of what you think you should do.  In fact, when I first implemented this method of hearing from God that was a major clue that I was doing it right!  The answers I got were NOT what I thought they would be.  When I followed the voice I got miraculous confirmation all the time and things just started to work out PERFECTLY.  It was amazing.   If I rejected the voice, things did not work out so well.   

There are four ways that I am always looking for confirmation on the direction that I am going and the steps I am taking.

By SEEING “Jesus only did what he saw the Father doing”
By HEARING “My sheep hear my voice and follow”

By the PRESENCE of God – The happy and peaceful feelings of heaven.

By the SCRIPTURES. (The Written Word of God in the Bible*)

We cover each of these and show you EXACTLY how we have implemented them in our life with miraculous results.  

You are going to get a crash course in hearing from Jesus for yourself as if you are talking to someone on a telephone. You will learn how to ask need to know questions and get answers IMMEDIATELY.  

Do you want your path to be UNMISTAKABLE?

“In all your ways lean NOT to your own understanding but acknowledge Him and he will direct your path.” (Proverbs) 

Literally translated it says:  “Acknowledge him and your path with raise up in front of you and be unmistakable”  

I have never heard anyone teach this method for instantly hearing from God but have I used it with great success for almost 15 years.   I have even taught my kids these very simple methods and they even sometimes“overruled” my decisions because they are talking to the “big boss” 

They say “dad just ask Jesus” and when I do, I get the same answers as they do! It always works out perfectly.   

Are you ready to:  

HEAR immediate Answers from God 

SEE in the Spirit

Travel in the Spirit

Smash ALL Demonic Resistance wherever Jesus tells you to go.

It is so EASY! 
First you have to WANT to hear his voice
Then you have to AGREE that you do hear his voice (because you do)
Then you have to LISTEN for that voice and learn some tricks to differentiate between his voice and other voices.  

The First step is to agree that you hear his voice.  Everyone hears his voice.  Whether or not you LISTEN is another thing.  

How many times have you said or thought “something told me to do this or that”  Something told me to call that person, something told me to grab my checkbook.   Something told me not to leave my keys there”  

When “something tells you to do something” it always turns out to be a good idea doesn’t it?  That “something” is usually a “Someone” who knows everything and is looking out for you.

Your ability to increase your experience with heavenly reality is based heavily on COVENANT.
If you make covenants with heaven ONLY you will experience heaven ONLY. 

Covenants are executed in your heart, but they are started in your mind with AGREEMENTS. 

All legitimate covenants with heaven can be found in the Bible.  The Bible says his sheep hear his voice and follow him.  So that is an important agreement to make with Heaven: You must AGREE that you hear from God.   Say this outloud “I hear the voice of God and I follow ONLY Him”   

Now as a general rule of thumb, these tricks only work with NEED TO KNOW information regarding steps you are currently taking.  Don’t ask God hypothetical questions about the future or which horse you should bet on at a horse race..lol  

In my experience these are not the important questions and you might not get a good answer on it.  We are focused on the TRUE RICHES anyway which come from peace and joy.  That is EASY when the creator of the universe is directing your steps and you are not leaning to your own understanding but RESTING in his ways. 

So let’s get into it.

One day while reading the Old Testament I ran across this thing called the Urim and Thummim and it really stuck out to me. It was some sort of object worn on the priestly garments that would give a “yes” or “no” answer to questions. When the Israelites needed guidance on a particular course of action they would consult this thing to hear from God.  Ask God a question and it would light up with either “yes” or “no”. I was like “wow, if even the Old Testament saints had such an easy way to contact God and get directions then we must have something even better today!”

It was based on this passage that I started hearing directions from God in a very practical way.     

His voice is “inner-audible” and can sound very much like your own thoughts.  If you think about it thoughts rarely come from yourself. When was the last time you “decided” to have an idea? 

You can engage his voice inside your own mind and sometimes it will sound EXACTLY like your own thoughts.  There is a very good reason for that.  It is because of what Jesus accomplished on the Cross.  We are not going to be covering too many agreements, but when we do they are VERY important.  Agreements are covenants and that is how we “tap into” the things that Jesus purchased for us on the Cross.  One of the things he did was give you HIS MIND.  Your mind is BOUND to the Mind of Christ.  So you have HIS THOUGHTS.  

You have been made ONE with him through the Cross.  Your thoughts, the voice inside your head, when you can hear yourself think, many times that is God.  You might have other thoughts in there too so that is why we have to get good at differentiating. 

If you ask a question into thin air you ALWAYS hear an answer.  “Should I go to the store right now?”

First you have to clear your palate so to speak.  Have you forsaken your own dreams and the way you think your life should go?  What is the next decision you have to make?  Ask: should I do this yes or no?

You will hear either a “yes” or a “no” 

Silently in your own mind, or out loud, ask this question “did Jesus Christ come in the Flesh”

What do you hear?   You should hear a “YES”.  If not you need to make some things leave!

Answers from God are always going to be consistent with the Bible.  If you ask “should I stab my neighbor in the back”  you are going to hear a “no” in your mind.  If you hear a “yes” and you ask that voice “did Jesus Christ come in the Flesh” you will immediately hear a “no” and it will have to leave. 

Maybe you need to go to the store?  Should I go to the store? Listen for a “yes” “no” or “wait”  if you are hearing “yes/no/yes/no/yes/no, then you are probably asking the wrong question or there is some demonic interference you need to smash.  You have to be in peace when you are doing this because anxiety and fear can distort what you hear.

If this is very hard, or you have very many conflicting voices in your mind you may need to go through a course in smashing demons, and depending on how bad it is, you may need to do a full clean out of your agreements.  Something I highly recommend for everyone. 

When I first started trying to hear the voice of the Lord to obey, I was working at a restaurant and choices would come my way. “Hey do you want to switch shifts with me” I had no idea what the best thing to do was but I KNEW only God knew the best way… “uh just a minute”.. I would go out back to  clear my mind…focus on Jesus and ask. “Lord do you want me to keep this shift or give it up? 

“Of course I want to go home but whatever you say, Should I go home?” “No”.  Ok so you want me to stay here and keep this shift? “Yes”.  Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh? “Yes”  Sorry I cannot give up that shift. Jesus says so.  So I stick around and the next thing I know some old friends came into the restaurant and sat in my section and they give me a really big tip. I was like wow that seemed to work!

So I continued with these experiments.  I remember one day I got to the restaurant early and as soon as I did a guy said: “hey I really super need the money will you give me your shift?”  “YOU need the money?!  Well I actually really need the money too, but one second let me ask Jesus what I should do”  “Jesus do you want me to stay” “No”  Really?! Uh not sure about this, you know I need the money.  So I asked the voice I heard: “Did Jesus Christ come in the Flesh?” “YES” Ok “Do you want me to give my shift to this guy?” “YES” Alright fine.  I would keep asking in different ways to make sure I was getting the same answer, and then I am looking for a confirmation of PEACE.

My manager was stunned. “This is a great section and I thought you needed the money!? “I know, and yes I do but I would rather do what Jesus says!” So I left went home and proceeded to have the most amazing afternoon and evening with the family. We went to the park and ate outdoors and had friends over! The next day when I went back in I saw the guy who took my shift and he was like “last night SUCKED so bad! I only got 3 tables maybe made $15 all night.   It was unbelievably slow” I felt a little bad for him but I was SO GLAD I LISTENED to the voice!

If I get the impression that I am supposed to go somewhere, I don’t just go. I stop ask Jesus, and wait until I get a peaceful clear YES. “Jesus do you want me to go there”  and I will hear either a “yes” or a “no”  It sounds EXACTLY like my own thoughts.  If I hear a yes/no/yes/no/yes or there is no peace, it is usually because I am asking the wrong question or I am not supposed to do it right at that time.  Just relax and focus your gaze on Him. Praise, smash demons, get into a peaceful place where you don’t have a desire except for Jesus to speak.

I remember one time I had to make a decision about my 10 year old daughter flying from Dallas to Minneapolis by herself to see her grandparents.  That was a very stressful situation for me. How many things could go wrong?  Sure I know God can and will protect her but I want to make sure He wants her to go there in the first place!  So I had to get by myself and ask Jesus.  

I was too anxious even to start. I asked and immediately heard a “no”, but it was not a peaceful no, it was a fear driven, anxious “no.”  So I didn’t feel good about it.  I had to stop and praise Jesus, rebuke demonic fear, get into the peace of God then ask again.  I had to release all my preconceived notions about such a trip and NOT CARE what the answer was.  I just want whatever Jesus wanted to happen in this situation.  

So I settled down, removed all my biases (or tried to lol) and I praised Jesus until I felt peaceful and warm, then I asked again “Jesus do you want my daughter to fly to minneapolis by herself to see her grandparents”  “YES”  Ok, when do you want her to do that? I looked at the calendar until a date jumped out to me.  Jesus do you want her to go on this date?  “No”  Ok looking for another date, How about this day” “yes”. Ok feeling pretty good about that, very peaceful still.

And the whole time that I am booking the flight and getting her ready to go, I am seeking, listening and looking for confirmation.. I want to keep hearing that peaceful YES, or I will stop the whole process until I do.  You will notice that the more you STOP yourself and refuse to move forward until Jesus says to, the more you will notice your perfect path raising up in front of you.  Things will jump out at you, the path will start to be UNMISTAKABLE.  But The KEY is to be ASKING and LOOKING for an answer and staying in the peace of God and WAITING.

I have been doing this for almost 15 years and I cannot ever remember a time I have regretted asking Jesus what to do and obeying. Not ever. I will admit that this is a bit archaic to me now.

When I got set free from sin by Agreeing ONLY with God, this protocol evolved into a much more fluid conversion of seeing and knowing, but I still fall back on it when there is an important decision to be made and nothing else is clear to me.

I remember one time I got a call from my now ex-wife “Hey Elijah (our 7 year old) is complaining of severe stomach pain, what do you think we should do? Should I take him to the doctor?” “Uh just one second, Jesus? I hear:”No do not take him to the doctor” “Don’t do anything” “He is fine” “Just let him sleep”  So I tell my wife: I am not feeling an urgency to do anything at all and I do NOT think you should take him to the doctor just let him sleep”  I am feeling great about it.  I had been doing this for probably 10 years at this point and really knew that I could trust what Jesus says.  Maybe there was a small fear or doubt in there about “what if he is really not ok” but that demon got SMASHED so instantly I don’t even remember it at this point.  I feel great all afternoon.

Well, she takes him to the doctor anyway!! I did not know until later she calls and says “I took him to the doctor and they think it is his appendix (which is potentially deadly)  They said we should watch him very carefully and if he throws up we need to take him to the ER immediately!” I’m like “O wow.. Ok”   So I start praying and asking and I still am hearing that “he is fine” “don’t do anything”   And I am still feeling very peaceful about it.

Then I get another call like 4 hours later and she says Elijah just threw up! I think I am going to take him to the ER what do you think? “Uh just one sec” “Nope I don’t think you need to” “Really?! but what if something is really wrong?” One second, Jesus what do you think?.”He is fine don’t do anything let him sleep”  No honey, I am hearing that he is fine and that we should just let him sleep.  

I can tell she is kinda freaking out and not satisfied with that answer so I say “look you are free to do whatever you want, he is your kid too, but I am telling you, I think he is fine and if I were home right now I would not do anything but let him sleep.  But again, you do whatever you want to do.  if you really feel like he should go to the hospital then take him!  That feels ok.  I’m not really getting a strong feeling that you shouldn’t take him, just that it is not necessary” “Ok, well what hospital do you think I should take him to??” I look into my imagination and I see a certain hospital clear as day, it is the only hospital that I see in my mind” 

So she wakes him up, drags him out of bead and heads up there.  They put him through a battery of tests for hours and hours.  Turns out it was NOTHING but a stomach bug!  Ok thank you Jesus! That is good news!  I wish we had listened the first time!  If we had not gone to the doctor like Jesus said to begin with they would not have freaked us out about his appendix and we would not have felt the need to waste several hours and almost 1,000 dollars on an emergency room visit when he just had a case of the throw-ups.

I realize this is an extreme way to do life, but isn’t that how Jesus lived? I wonder what He thought when Lazarus was sick unto death? Should he go right then! It sounds serious?! Father what do you say?  The Father said to wait another 4 days!!  The more you determine to live this way the HARDER it is to make a wrong turn, and if you are trying to follow in the small decision, the big decisions almost take care of themselves.

Remember. God will never say anything contrary to the word.  The voice will never tell you to look at porn, hurt yourself or hurt someone else.  God will never tell you to lie or steal. If it is against the 10 commandments or the example of Jesus then it is definitely NOT the voice of God.  

Ask that voice point blank:  “Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh?”  and you will hear a “no” for sure.   According to the Bible if the voice is from God it will always answer YES. Sso if you hear a “NO”, command that thing to GO Away as it is a demonic voice.   “By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,” [1 John 4:2]

As I was trying to hear all these years, I developed many little tricks.  I ask the question in different ways to see if I get the same answer: Jesus should I go to the store now?  Maybe I instantly hear “15min”  Ok So you want me to leave in 15min? “Yes” “You want me to stay home ?” “No” Which store do you want me to go to? (I will usually SEE one) You want me to go to this specific Walmart?  “No” Ok how about this other Walmart “yes”..  

Sometimes I test the solidity of the answer by trying to hear something different.  I will double check, “Jesus you want me to go to this specific walmart? “Yes”  Then I will actually try to say “NO” in my mind and see how it feels.  It usually will start out as a no and turn into a “YES”.  Jesus you want me to go to this specific walmart?  I try to start a “no” in my mind and you will feel that it is sorta hard to hear the opposite of what Jesus is telling you and sometimes it turns into a “yes”  even though you are trying to hear a “no” or vice versa.

You have to ask the right questions.

One of my friends needed a way to get to work everyday and he decided he should get a scooter.  So he went and looked at all the scooters and he said he was asking Jesus which one he should get the whole time. He said he definitely fulfilled the first qualification of not caring which one he got, he had no hidden bias, he just wanted the one the Lord wanted him to have.  

So one in particular stood out to him, he was getting a definite yes on this scooter.  It was like the only one he could see.  So he bought it and it turned out to be a NIGHTMARE.  It broke down almost immediately.  He would fix it and it would break down again, sometimes in the worst possible places.  He finally got rid of it and was perplexed by the situation.  He said “I don’t get it. I asked Jesus, I did not have a bias and that was definitely the one he told me to get.”  I said  “I’m sure that was the one he told you to get, but did you ask him if you should even get a scooter to begin with?”  “Oh NO!”  So he asked Jesus what kind of transportation he should get and he saw a car! 

“Go from A to B” 

Sometimes God gives me a very clear direction and then changes that direction halfway through the trip to something else.  This used to really confuse me.  I would come to a crossroads and WAIT for the clear path to raise up in front of me.  “OK I SEE IT, God says to go from A to B, AMEN Praise Jesus Thank you Lord for making this clear”  So i start head out to B and then when I am almost there he says “OK now go to C, or go a different direction completely or even go back to A”  “WHAT?!?”  but I know you said to go to B!!?”  What is going on here?   What is going on is that every little step matters.  God may have always wanted you to go to C to begin with, but he wanted you to get there like you were heading to B.  Does that make sense?  So no matter how clear of a course I get, I am never so sure of it that I fail to hear some last minute instructions from the Lord, because his ways are higher than our ways.  It is step by step with no steps skipped.  

The more you do this the more you will get the hang of it and FEEL when something is changing.  You will feel every step.  The times that really used to confuse me was when he would clearly say to go from A to B, and then when I was almost there he says “Stop, go back to A”  Doesn’t seem to make sense at the time, but afterwards it almost always makes sense.  Or if I power through that direction and continue on to B like he originally said, and fail to stop and go back to A, I see why he said not to do that.  It would have been better to humble myself and LISTEN.

Just because Jesus tells you to start a process does not necessarily mean you should finish it.  I have missed this one several times.  One time I was at a hardware store and I literally felt stuck in this one section (you will notice that following God starts to take on a life of its own.  There have been many times where I have literally felt like I could not move a muscle until I make a connection or do something)  

So I am stuck in this hardware store sorta wondering why I cannot move a muscle when a lady comes up to me and asks if I want to schedule a water test at my house.  I get an overwhelming “YES” so I schedule the appointment.  The sales person comes over and we have a great time with her.   Even though I am starting to see through her sales pitch the Lord says to continue with the process.  We pray for her and preach the good news, it was fun.  We go ahead and schedule the install for these water filters, which I am a little skeptical of still, but I am getting a green light despite that.  

I was getting a green light until the day the people came to install them.    Then I started to get a red light.  (and sometimes I do see a red x or a red light for stop)  “WHAT?!” Jesus this is embarrassing, I have scheduled this because you told me to and now you are saying to cancel it.  I pray for both of the installers and one of them is completely shaken to the core AND healed of a back problem but I still feel like I should cancel the install. This is when I actually try to hear the opposite and probably did because I didn’t want to cancel.   I try to reassure myself about this one and just press forward with the install.  After they finish, I realize this filter system ends up costing like 10X more than it should have.  I really wished I had listened.  I would have still made those two divine connections but I would not have had that cost burden to deal with and who knows, changing course may have been Jesus trying to negotiate for me?  If I canceled the install, maybe they would have said something like “well, ok how about since we are here and ready to go, we will give it to you for half?  I guess I will never know.  But I should have listened.

I have thousands and thousands of these stories, it is how I live my life day in and day out.. When I go to bed at night I ask Jesus what time I should get up in the morning and then set an alarm.  I usually wake up without the slightest clue about what I am going to be doing.  I have to remind myself to NEVER worry about tomorrow because it will take care of itself, and many times I have to remind myself to not even worry about 5 minutes from now!

There is another faculty that you should be ready to use along with hearing.   That is SEEING in the spirit.  This is also extremely EASY to do!  So easy most people miss it entirely.  I know I did.  When prophetic people would talk about “seeing” things in the spirit I thought they meant they had a full blown vision, like open eyed vision. But no, not usually!  Usually they were just talking about seeing things IN THEIR MIND.  There is something like 7 different words for vision in the Greek.    If you just understand how to see in the spirit, one thing you can do is double check the answers you are getting from hearing with confirmation from the “eyes of your spirit” 

You know that screen in your mind where you can picture someones face?  That is the “screen” that your imagination plays things on.  Like a movie screen.  You can take control of that screen very easily and wait for God to show you things on it.  This is how you can “see in the spirit”  

Listening to the inner-audible voice of God is just one way to engage heaven and to get need to know directions for your life.  You are a threefold being, you have a spirit, soul and body.  Your spirit man has eyes and ears.  We have been practicing listening through his ears, but you can also see through his eyes.  Your “real” eyes.  

Think about this: Jesus said “If you even look on a woman with lust you have ALREADY committed adultery”  [Matthew 5:28]  Amazing right? If looking at a woman and imagining bad things is JUST AS BAD as the physical act, what should that tell you about using your imagination?    According to the Scripture what you imagine IS REAL.  It is as real, or even MORE real than what you see with your physical eyes.  And what you DO in your imagination is just as real as what you do in your physical body.  That includes bad things AND GOOD THINGS!  

Your imagination is EXTREMELY important.  Many times it is the PRIMARY way that God communicates things to me.  In our section on smashing demons we have a teaching on using the courts of heaven that relies on your imagination almost entirely.  If there is junk in your imagination you have to get it out at all costs.  Because that screen in your mind is a major gateway into the supernatural world.  You have a window into the supernatural that you can look through at any time to understand what is going on around you.  You can look through that window to see and then engage what is on the other side of it.  

The first thing you have to do is remove everything from it, until all you see is a blank screen.  Once that screen is clear of any obstruction or competing images; when you are asking your questions and you get an answer, look on that screen for visual confirmation.  Maybe you see a green checkmark or a red x.  Green Check mark is “yes” Red x is “no”  Whatever you see should correspond with the answer you are hearing.  

If not there is some confusion and you should stop and smash up the demonic that is trying to confuse you.    If you are having trouble settling your mind down until you are in a state of peace, you need some deliverance and should definitely consider a full overhaul of all your agreements because agreements are covenants with either heaven or hell.  If you are careful to make covenants ONLY with heaven then you will experience ONLY heaven and you will have a much easier time seeing and hearing correctly. (Agreeing ONLY with God is a MAJOR KEY to the presence of God)

“Seeing in the spirit” is just as easy as I am describing and this screen, your imagination, should be used for way MORE than just see check marks or X’s.  If you are not using your imagination for what God intended then you are essentially BLIND.  Imagine how hard life would be if you could only hear.  How hard is it for blind and deaf people to get around?  How much easier and faster do you get around because you can see as well?  It is the same “in the spirit”

Sometimes I engage my imagination to “look” at a particular person or place and am totally blown away by how much detail I see.   One of the easiest ways to “pray” for someone is just to imagine them in your mind and then “look” at what is going on around them. You may see something demonic that needs to be smashed or you can get major clues on what to pray for too.   My wife has been massively helpful in this area.  I say “honey something is bugging me but I don’t know what it is”  So she clears her mind, makes sure that screen in blank, focuses on the presence of God and BAM an image appears on her imagination screen that is a MAJOR clue as to what is going on. 

Sometimes you can then engage that image (focus really hard on it) and it will start to animate or even speak so that you hear what it is saying in your mind.  Sometimes angels show up with messages in that way.  

The sanctified imagination is a massively helpful tool for engaging the supernatural.  You may already do it without realizing, but even if you don’t it is super easy to start.  It is so easy that most people think they aren’t doing anything, but just test it out!  You will SEE the supernatural fruit from it.  This is especially true when you start engaging the courts of heaven.  This is by far the most effective tool for dealing with the demonic that we have ever come across and it almost entirely carried out through your imagination.

As I am writing this right now, I am seeing one thing in my imagination, it just won’t go away.  It is AMAZON.  I keep seeing it over and over again on that screen of my mind.  I know I have work to do on there, so I quickly ask Jesus “Should I stop working on this and work on this amazon project?” “yes”  I love you Jesus thank you for leading and guiding me <3

Once you start doing this and seeing fruit you will probably be  addicted just like me.  You might think this is waaay too easy.  “This can’t be Jesus talking to me.”  I have said that sooo many times, but you will see the undeniable fruit from doing it. The more you INSIST on waiting for God to speak the more you will hear EXACTLY what he is saying and the proof will be “in the pudding.” The only “hard” part is removing your own bias from the situation.  Because you can make yourself “hear” something that Jesus is not saying and as you determine to not move a muscle until God speaks you may “graduate” from this method into a much more fluid place of seeing and knowing and hearing without asking much.   

God speaks all the time without you asking any questions! And when he says something you have about 30-45 seconds to obey that direction before a REASON (which is a demon) comes along and tries to steal that direction from you..

This is something you may notice but NEVER AGREE WITH! Do not agree that demons can do ANYTHING to you cause they CANNOT by the BLOOD of Jesus.  We are so high above them through the Cross that IF you notice them, you can just squish them with your foot, but you may notice that God speaks something to you if you don’t immediately obey a REASON presents itself as to why you should do or say what God just told you.  If you choose the reason over the revelation you will see sooner or later why God told you to do that particular thing.    

How do you know it was God?  You will know.  You just have to practice.  If I find myself asking “was that God? God did you just tell me to do that? Was that you Lord?” then 99% of the time it is Him! 

It is at this exact moment, when God sovereignly speaks something to you when asking questions can backfire.  God might tell you to do something slightly uncomfortable or something you don’t understand (something you would not even think to ask him about) and initially  you may not want to do it.  That is when I start asking my yes and no questions to see if that was really God, sometimes it works in this case and sometimes it doesn’t.  I think it is because God wants me to be better at just listening the first time when he speaks.  And not stop and ask “did you really just say that” yes/no/yes/no/yes/no..lol

You can perfect this process with the presence of God.  Hearing and following the voice of God is also a major key to staying in the presence of God.  These are all synergistic.  Part of the reason I stay High on God is because I am always in the right place at the right time!   The presence of God is a major confirmation on what we are seeing and hearing.  Try not to get bogged down in this paradigm of using my tricks too much.  I remember one day a few years after I had started using this simple method of hearing and feeling pretty proud about my results, God spoke to me.  

He said “look at you.  You have your urim and thummim but you don’t even know me.”  It kinda hurt my feelings, but I knew it was true.  I could hear the right direction to go, I could stay put if he said to wait, but I could not yet stay in perfect peace the entire time and I had several addictions to things that owned me over and over.  This brought me into cycles of condemnation which I had to use some pretty fancy theology to get out of and ultimately I ended up with a seared conscience and the voice that I heard seemed to be leading me farther and farther away from freedom.  This is when I found out that even the voice of God is subject to your agreements.  My agreements about what Jesus had actually purchased for us was twisting the voice when it came to issues of SIN, RIGHTEOUSNESS AND JUDGMENT.

In all your ways KNOW [yada] Him, And He shall make your paths plain, straight, pleasing, agreeable, and unmistakable  [Prov 3:6] 

KNOWING God has EVERYTHING to do with being free from sin.  Something that MOST churches do not even think is possible.  Listen to the Bible here.  It says VERY CLEARLY that there will be MANY people who operate in signs and wonder, experience God and even the powers of the age to come, but will ultimately end up in hell.  There are many people whose names were written in the Lambs book of life that will hear: “depart from me I never KNEW you”  How do you KNOW if you KNOW him?  The Word says in 1 John “whoever sins has neither seen him or KNOWN Him.

The truth is, it is IMPOSSIBLE to stay in the presence of God when you are bound by sin and the Presence of God is what makes God’s own righteousness YOUR Righteousness in a practical way. 

You have been given “right standing” with God through the blood of His own son, but if you have never been freed from sin to enjoy HIS PRESENCE then you have never experienced that “right standing” in anything more than theory.  

If you are “saved” but are bound by sin, your “positional righteousness” isn’t doing you ANY GOOD. 

It only does you any good when you are EXPERIENCING IT.  

How do you experience it?  First you have to make covenants ONLY with Heaven.  These agreements will enable you to repent of Anything and never do it again.  Once you break free from sin you will find that you are in the presence of God, because leaving sin IS coming to God.  

This is an extremely simple process and if you are humble and hungry enough to break free we can show you EXACTLY how to do it.

Traveling in the Spirit:

When you break free from sin and carry the presence of God with you, simply going somewhere or even DECIDING to go somewhere is a declaration of war on the demonic entities in that area.  That is why I still make sure and go ONLY where he tells me to go and WHEN he tells me to go, cause you will stir up all kinds of stuff when just walking around.

When I first started agreeing ONLY with God and staying in the presence all the time this surprised me.  I would just be high on heaven minding my own business when God would direct me to go somewhere.  As soon as I intended to go to that place I would immediately start to feel some slight irritations in the atmosphere.  The kids would start getting on my nerves, peace would be a little slippery.  I did not realize that because I intended to go somewhere I was ALREADY THERE!  The presence of God was with me and it was wrecking the demons in that place.  They were fighting back as best they could but the only real way they could do that was to attack me personally and try to bump me out of the presence of God.   

That is when I realized TRAVELING in the Spirit is EASY!  As soon as you INTEND to go somewhere YOU ARE THERE “in the spirit”.  And once you are “there” you can use your spiritual eyes or “imagination screen” to look around and see what is happening.  When you SEE what is happening you can do something about it yourself, release your angels to do something about it, or go to the courts of heaven and get a verdict on it.   

These things I have been describing  are not the only ways Gods speaks!  He speaks through dreams and visions, through other people, through movies and music.  He speaks through his word.  He can speak through animals.  He can speak through road signs.  He speaks and speaks and speaks all the time! He can speak in ways we can’t explain.   But the most familiar way is that “still small voice” that sounds like your own thoughts. 

I have made such a habit of hearing from him that if I even start to make a wrong move he is all in my ear like “hey, this is the wrong thing, you are going the wrong way, you are going to regret this, it is not the best”  

And it gets louder and louder if I persist.  And it comes with bad feelings.  I sometimes even get paralyzed so that I cannot move a muscle!  Now that is the UNMISTAKABLE PATH that Solomon talked about!  But this did not just happen one day.  I had to choose it!  I had to choose it Over and over and over again.  I don’t know how to operate in any other way.  I literally dont know how to make decisions anymore? And I have seen over and over  how we avoid so many traps and wasted time by following Jesus in this way.  It is a safe bet!   

Try not to get too bogged down in the YES/NO method.  It is an easy way to start and I still fall back on it to this day when nothing else is clear, but don’t limit yourself to it.  As you are DETERMINED to hear, God will speak in so many different ways.  And no matter what happens I have the peace of knowing I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be!

Just last month my daughter fell out of a tree while she was playing and banged her arm really bad.  She was in alot of pain and it swelled up huge almost immediately.  I was high as a kite that day, just marinating in the presence of God and this barely affected it.  Her arm looked bent so I was pretty sure it was broken, but we waited to hear from Jesus what we should do.  Who knows maybe she would be healed on the spot without doing anything.  I am hearing “wait” so we get her comfortable and start icing it to get the swelling down.  The next day it was still huge and we felt it was time to take her to the hospital so we started asking which one.  I see one clear as day in my imagination.  It is the only one I see.  So we took her in. After looking at her and getting an x-ray they said broke it is two places and maybe even 3!  They suggested a splint.  Ok sounds good to me, everything is feeling very calm and peaceful the presence of God was strong. 

Then after that, they decided that “just to be in the safe side” we should take her to another hospital immediately where an orthopedic surgeon would take a look at her and decide if he need to cut her arm open.   When he said that and I started to consider it, I felt the presence of God completely leave and cold blackness crept over me starting from my legs, no peace AT ALL…they said “we usually go by ambulance, but in this case we will allow you to drive her there”

That black feeling was replaced by RAGE. The RAGE OF GOD. You will allow me!?! “How about we just move forward with the splint and we will think about it”  (I said it very calmly despite being furious) Checking with Jesus the whole time and feeling and intense “No” on it.  And not only that I am feeling God’s own feelings about the situation!

“No thanks we are just going to do the splint and that’s it”

We could tell they were a little surprised but they couldn’t say anything. They can’t make you do ANYTHING.  But I must say it is hard to go against these professionals. They try make you feel bad or dumb and you want to REASON that they know best.  After all they went to school for at least a decade to know best, but we left feeling great, like we had dodged a bullet.  And we knew that we could always change our mind and see a surgeon later if we felt it and who knows maybe Jesus would have us do that, but for now it was a solid “NO”.

But that night I woke up underneath this heavy anxiety, almost panic that I had done the wrong thing. “What if I did the wrong thing? What if her arm is going to be messed up because we didn’t cut it open and subject her to their program?” I had to get on my face and praise Jesus for about a half hour in the middle of the night until all those demons left.  I was sure to be open to any NEW direction, perhaps we should see a surgeon after all.  I knew I wasn’t being stubborn.  Then I went through my ritual,  just praised and praised and shouted hallelujahs, the whole nine yards.  This stuff always works, demons CANNOT stand against a person who has made covenants with heaven and who is following Jesus.

As soon as it left Jesus assured me we had done the right thing. Now 6 weeks later it is perfect, she has no pain and full range of motion. She even forgot which one was broken! Thank you Jesus!  And when it came time for the bill, we were very surprised we only had to pay 250$ dollars of an almost 3,000$ bill because the hospital Jesus told us to go to had some sort of program for we qualified for.  Even after we paid that amount it all got refunded for some unknown reason the next month.  Hallelujah 😀   It PAYS to listen.

As Christ persons we are called to live as the exact opposite of this earthly system.  Many people try to figure out what course they should take with their mind using reason and logic based on experience, and then they ask God to bless the course that they came up with.  God is merciful but that does not always work out.  And to be sure you cannot find a verse in the Bible where God says “Just use your brain to figure things out.”

We are called to throw out our understanding of  in exchange for heavens understanding.  

When I first started hearing from God I was doing drugs, drinking alcohol and chain smoking cigarettes.  Because of that, I had many of competing voices that I constantly had to get rid of to hear his voice, and I spent a ton of time battling the demons that came along with all that.  Ultimately losing to them the further I went.   

They would steal my peace and joy at will and try to confuse the voice that I was hearing and muddy directions.   Sometimes God would tell me exactly what to do and I found that I had no power to carry it out because I had open covenants with hell that were stopping me.   It took many years to realize the folly of this existence and most people don’t realize it until it is too late.  The ummin and thummin method of hearing from God will work and it ultimately led me to the “doctrine that is according to Godliness” But you have the opportunity to skip all the nonsense and go right into the presence of God NOW, just read the rest of the material on re-educationcamp.com and DO IT.

The only way to REALLY HEAR EVERYTHING it is to be free from sin and LISTENING.

 The more you walk in agreement with GOD ONLY, the more familiar His voice becomes. There is an aspect of divine rest in this that is PURE INTOXICATION.
SURPRISE ATMOSPHERIC WARFARE traveling in the spirit. 

This is the biggest survival hack you are ever going to find. Get on the path that God wants you to be on and you will be PERFECTLY guarded and provided for on that path, NO MATTER WHAT!