Replace your current beliefs with these Agreements and you will be able to Obey God in all things and continually manifest Heaven on the earth. 

- New Creation Unlock Protocol -  Agreements - 

The key to heaven on earth is Faith
The Key to Faith is Holiness
The Key to Holiness is the constant abiding presence of God
The Key to the constant abiding presence of God is REPENTANCE
The Key to repentance is AGREEING ONLY With GOD
The key to Agreeing with God is Humility
The Key to Humility is the Fear of the LORD
If you want to experience heaven you must COME to JESUS.
Explosive moves Away from SIN = Explosive moves Toward JESUS
Jesus Is heaven.
Leaving sin IS coming to Jesus
Sin is disobedience 
The only way to stop sinning is to OBEY 


Jesus is God
Jesus is The TRUTH.
The Bible is the Word of God 
Heaven is REAL it is ETERNAL
Hell is REAL it is ETERNAL
Everyone goes to one or the other FOREVER
A Born Again Christian can be CUT OFF eternally for Rebellion [any persistent sin]
Salvation is NOT from Hell..
Salvation is FROM SIN
You can and MUST experience Heaven IN THIS LIFE
Jesus Christ is the ONLY way to heaven
Jesus Christ is Heaven
Jesus Christ is the SINLESS Son of God
Jesus Christ Died for SIN
Jesus Christ Died AS SIN
You have been made ONE with Him (There is no difference between you and Jesus)
Jesus completely FREED you from the LAW (The law cannot tell you to do anything) [Click]
You Died  *IN*  HIM on the cross (You mystically died WITH Jesus 2000 years ago)
Your sinful nature was REMOVED by JESUS
You were raised from the dead  *IN* HIM (You were resurrected 2000 years ago and RAPTURED) 
You are currently seated in heavenly places  *IN* HIM. (You are REALLY in heaven now)
You are NOT a sinner
You do not have a sinful nature [only demons mimicking something REMOVED by JESUS]
God is not in control of your sin. You are.  
Heaven is not “allowing” you to sin. Hell is.
God is ONLY in Control of those who OBEY Him
Jesus is the Head of a New Resurrected Race of “People”
You are a Brand NEW Creation with a new nature that Cannot Sin.
You are a Christ Person
When you read about Jesus you are reading about YOU
Jesus IS your real identity
Jesus BLOOD made every provision for you to live a reality free from sin
God is Good ALL the time. 
God does not send Sickness and Destruction EVER
God does not kill people EVER
PEOPLE allow HELL and INVITE death by rejecting the Lordship of Jesus Christ and sinning. (dont agree with that)
God NEVER intended ANYONE to sin after being born again.
Grace is the POWER to OBEY God perfectly without failing.
You have to ACT and Take steps to “walk into” this reality [called “putting on” the new man]
You are ALREADY that new man, but you must prove it or manifest it by OBEYING.
You are ALREADY in heaven but you must DO what God commands to experience it.
It only takes 1 step, then another and another.

** DO not agree that you have demons or that demons have access to you, that is just an interesting factoid to help you understand why it seems like you still might have a sinful nature. The main trick of these demons is to convince you through experience and "lying desires" that you are a sinner with a sinful nature, BUT YOU ARE NOT A SINNER AND YOU DON'T HAVE A SINFUL NATURE.  When you agree with the Truth that Jesus REMOVED the sinful nature it EXPOSES the situation for what it really is, just a bunch of totally defeated dark spirits lying, mimicking and bullying to gain your agreement with Hell.  But their power is ALL smoke and mirrors.  When you agree ONLY with the TRUTH and OBEY they have no power to stop you. 

ACTIONS- [ beliefs without actions are dead]
Step 1 Agree ONLY with the Truth [Brainwash yourself with this no compromise doctrine and Stop listening to every other interpretations of the Gospel and Renounce Every Ministry that has never set you free.]

Step 2 STOP THE BIGGEST SIN FIRST Whatever it is... usually the first thing that comes to mind.

Breaking Addictions [habitual sins will keep you from experiencing heaven]

IT WAS NOT YOUR NATURE THAT DESIRES SIN, IT IS DEMONS MIMICKING THE SINFUL NATURE THAT WAS REMOVED. These are LYING DESIRES They have NO POWER except when you agree with their LIES and identify yourself with them.  Their main goal is to keep you agreeing that you are a sinner, or that you still have a sinful nature and that you WANT TO SIN.  DON’T FALL FOR IT.


The conditions for BREAKING addictions.
1. Agree ONLY with the TRUTH. [you are FREE already because of JESUS]
3. Get Rid of it NOW
5. DO NOT EVEN TRY TO BELIEVE. Just RELAX, AGREE ONLY with the TRUTH and take a step.
      Keep walking away and don’t look back.
6. Never do it again.  [stay with God]

Forgiveness:  Forgiveness is releasing someone from your judgment of guilty,  and Positively judging them INNOCENT by the BLOOD.  You must see them as God sees them. Perfect Perfection seated in HEAVEN.

Hearing the Voice of God

There is not a principle in the Bible for every decision you are going to have to make and that is not what the Bible is for. The Bible is there to introduce you to Jesus, and Jesus has a VERY specific path he wants you to take.  

To take that path you have to hear His Voice and get His directions. First step is to agree that you hear his voice because you do hear His voice, everyone hears his voice, whether you listen or not is another thing.  Only his sheep LISTEN.  

"My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me." [John 10:27] that word for “voice” is “phone” like telephone.

Listen for GOD's voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he's the one who will keep you on track. (Prov 3:6 msg)   

His voice is “inner-audible” and can sound very much like your own thoughts.  Thoughts rarely come from yourself. When was the last time you decided to have an idea?  If you ask a question into thin air you ALWAYS hear an answer.  The more you walk in agreement with GOD ONLY, the more familiar His voice becomes. There is an aspect of divine rest in this that is PURE INTOXICATION.     

If you are unsure at all, ask the voice: “Did Jesus Christ come in the flesh?”  According to the Bible if the voice is from God it will always answer YES, so if you hear a “NO”, command that thing to GO Away.   “By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God,” [1 John 4:2]

In all your ways KNOW [yada] Him, And He shall make your paths plain, straight, pleasing, agreeable, unmistakable  [Prov 3:6] 

How do you know if you KNOW Him?  “Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor KNOWN Him.”

“Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness, and sin is lawlessness. Surely you know that Christ showed up in order to get rid of sin. There is no sin in him, and sin is not part of his program.  Whoever abides in Him does not sin. Whoever sins has neither seen Him nor KNOWN Him.” [1 John 3:4-6]

The MOST important thing you have to do before going ANY further is getting rid of ANY sin, Repent, [never do it again].THEN you can stay in his presence, and it is in his presence that you are intimate with him [yada-ing] and you can hear everything he tells you.  It is more than just hearing his voice, you can hear his voice without KNOWING Him.  Prov 3:6 says “in all your ways KNOW [yada= intimate with/feel] Him and he will make your path plain; unmistakable.  

He may communicate inner-audibly, in visions, through people, angels, signs and wonders, etc. The only way to REALLY HEAR EVERYTHING it is to be free from sin and LISTENING.

You must be determined to hear and determined to not do anything until you do hear, if you do that you will hear all the time. 

To recap

1. Agree ONLY with God and Repent of all known sin: choose to stop it. one sin at a time.
2. Abandon ALL your plans and dreams and decide you will live by his voice and instructions
3. Get HIS direction for everything you do and OBEY - even if you don’t ‘feel’ like doing it.
4. Stay in His presence all the time.  Being aware of His manifest presence is not just fun, it is necessary.  His presence IS his righteousness. 
5. Understand that we can and must live in this world in the exact opposite way of everyone else.  We depend ONLY on God to provide for us and He promises to do that as we Obey.  If it is Gods will then it is Gods Bill that means that ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS HEAR what HE wants you to do, then put on foot in front of the other to Obey and HE WILL PROVIDE “all your need” along the way, even if that means multiplying money in your account or food in your mouth.

There is a demonic version of virtually EVERY DOCTRINE contained in the Bible, and the only way to tell which are the TRUE VERSIONS is by their relation to sin and obedience.  For instance: the demonic version of predestination and the sovereignty of God keeps one unable to walk in perfect freedom from sin whereas the Divine version is centered around perfect freedom from sin NOW.   So if your understanding of ANY doctrine in the Bible excuses or overlooks sin or downplays the importance of your choice to obey then it is demonic.

If you agree with a compromising interpretation of Scripture you will not experience freedom from sin.  If you preach a compromising interpretation of Scripture you are guilty of Witchcraft because compromise stops repentance.

Right agreements are no substitute for KNOWING God but right beliefs [agreements] will force you OUT of your mind [which is soul realm] into the Spirit realm where Heaven is.  Agreeing With God is Offensive to the mind for this reason so you have to choose:  Agree ONLY with God and walk away from a hellish existence into a heavenly one OR Reject Truth and continue Life as you have known it.  Just know that if life is Hell now you should not be expecting heaven when you die. 

Right agreements invite MORE of Heaven’s dynamic, transformative activity into our life. Our mind is renewed to God’s perspective; His thoughts, His emotions, His imaginations become OURS. This causes the most REAL and TRUE version of us to manifest as a reality in our daily life on Earth.

My Personal Experience Breaking 10 Year addiction to Cigarettes [these are facts not necessarily the TRUTH]::::::

The very first place to start .. when you are agreeing ONLY with the truth is attacking the "biggest" sin, usually the first thing that comes to your mind. For me it was cigarettes, that habitual sin was like a covering for lots and lots of smaller sins that I could never get rid of.  I was hopelessly addicted and it kept a major door open that allowed other things into my life.  For some people a major one is forgiveness, for others pornography, drugs, etc. 

When I smoked cigarettes things would happen that got on my nerves, and I used to get instantly mad and frustrated with it  and lose any peace and joy that I had in less than a second.  It happened so fast that I thought I didn't have a choice in the matter but when I got rid of this big habitual sin, I noticed that the 'irritation' would happen in slow motion.  It would not just happen suddenly, I would feel it start to come on.

I noticed that I had time to decide NOT to get irritated and manifest that demon.  I had time to choose Jesus and his grace.  As I kept brainwashing myself with this new doctrine and being obedient to the Lord, I repented of tons of stuff, all the time, every few days there would be something that I would just have to stop and decide to never do again, and I would say out loud: I choose Jesus, I choose grace, I choose heaven.  And one by one I repented of every little thing that disturbed my peace.  

But I had to start with the biggest ones first and I had to remember that me, the real me, God's idea of me, the person who I really am, is PERFECT in every way.   As I was repenting of things I would keep this true identity in the forefront of my thinking all the time.  I am a Christ-person, I am a Saint of the Most High, there is no hidden darkness in me, I have a brand new heart and a brand new nature.

So it is a tension to hold which defies logical understanding, but as you agree and hold onto the Truth of who you are, who Christ made you by his death and resurrection, it uncovers every single last demon that steals your peace and one at a time you simply walk away from them.   There is no darkness in you period.  As things come up that are part of that dead identity you just reckon them dead [Romans 6] choose to never do it again and move on, not allowing any of those things you are repenting of convince you that you are still a sinner.  

Here is my experience with quitting cigarettes.  I was addicted for over 10 years.  When I believed that I was a sinner and that God had to do something “more” for me to be able to stop smoking, I could NEVER break free though I tried dozens of times.  I tried everything a few times, patches, gum, herbs, exercise, cold turkey, tapering off, cigars, pipes, pinches, chewing tobacco, vapirizers etc.  Nothing ever worked.  Even when I agreed that I didn’t have a sinful nature and that I was a new creation IN Christ I still failed multiple times because of agreeing with False Grace and then multiple other times because  I tried to depend on something IN ADDITION to JESUS to help me quit.

The Very last time that I failed I was depending on my own faith.  “Believe, Believe, Believe.  I made it about 16 hours until I started manifesting demons and was COMPELLED to go buy more tobacco.  My friend Rick, who was encouraging me to quit said “Bro, throw out that bag again, throw it all out and just relax, don’t try to believe, forget all your past experience and just walk away”  

So I threw it out again. AND DID NOT EVEN TRY TO BELIEVE I WAS FREE I just agreed.  And this is when the devil got scared.  A friend who used to chain smoke with me called and wanted to hang out. I was like NO FREAKING WAY.  Then a neighbor who smoked came over to borrow a chainsaw like he usually did, but this time as a “thank you” he offered me a whole pack of cigarettes!  NO THANKS! Then I went over to my moms and as soon as I got there she asked me: “do you want a beer”  I was like “NO WAY!!” I have not had a cigarette in 4 hours, having a beer would not be a good idea right now.  

We ate dinner and after dinner I felt like I wanted a cigarette but I didn’t have any so it was not that hard.  About 3 hours later  I still wanted a cigarette but something was different.  I did not “have” to have one.  I was not freaking out like I had in the past.  The reason I was not freaking out this time, is that I was actually depending on Jesus to help me and NOTHING ELSE.  Not even my own ‘faith’ but Jesus Christ the Resurrected Son of God. 

The Next day I woke up and wanted a cigarette, but again I just kept walking.  NO coffee that morning, and all sorts of demonic things started to happen.  My cat came to the door and she looked like she almost chewed her tail off and there was blood all over the patio.  It looked really bad, and just seeing it made me really want a cigarette, and I felt all kinds of demons around me making lots of noise but I knew that they could not make me do anything. I just kept walking past that urge.  Then the wife got up and of course she was really IRRITATED for no real reason lol but I kept walking and with every step it lost more of its grip..  until a couple of days later even the desire to smoke was GONE!

The three biggest keys for me personally were changing by definition of Grace AND agreeing that I really did not have a sinful nature and depending on NOTHING but JESUS.   When I realized that God was never going to do anything more for me than he had already done and that it was up to me to AGREE ONLY with Him and ACT,  I finally took a victorious step.   The hardest part was that this is the Truth, but once I decided to agree, doing the impossible was pretty easy. 

Anyone can ACT NOW DEPENDING ON NOTHING BUT JESUS.  No matter what it is, if you will fulfill God's conditions by agreeing ONLY with HIM and ACT depending on nothing but Him, you will step right into the perfect victory that Jesus Christ purchased for you with his own blood.  And what I found is that when I agreed ONLY with the Truth EVEN THE DESIRE for things like cigarettes leaves very quickly just a few steps into obeying. 

The BIGGEST KEY is AGREEING ONLY with this NO COMPROMISE interpretation of the Gospel.  

 “you are a sinner, you will sin, don’t worry God is in control, you can still get to heaven when you die”<------  this is straight from hell.

The Truth is you are not a sinner, you are a saint!  You do not have to sin!  If you are not 100% free from sin now there is no reason to believe you are “going to heaven”

If you are not 100% sure that you’re sinful nature was REMOVED by Jesus then Check this out :  
5D Christology

Our Sanctification is just as complete as our Justification.  This means that Jesus did not just die to forgive you of your sins and give you right standing with himself, he also made you brand new!

God always deals with us humans in the same way. He takes us out of the way and substitutes Christ in our place. And there are TWO separate substitutions we can notice in the Bible. Jesus shed His Blood and died in our stead for the forgiveness of our sins and destruction of the “body of sin”.<---that is substitution #1

Jesus NOW lives HIS LIFE in our stead (in our bodies in this life) to fulfill God’s righteous requirements “IN us”. <--this is substitution #2

1 Corinthians 1:30 clearly says sanctification IS A PERSON. Christ Jesus “became for us wisdom from God, and righteousness and sanctification and redemption” Jesus is perfectly sanctified and if Jesus Christ is living his life through you how sanctified are you? “For I consider myself as dead, and I am enjoying a new existence, which is simply Jesus Christ using my body”(Gal2:20DB)

Check out this little passage in Hebrews "By his will we HAVE BEEN MADE HOLY through the offering of the body of Jesus Christ ONCE FOR ALL. Under the old covenant, the priest stands before the altar day after day, offering sacrifices that can never take away sin. But when Jesus had made one offering for sin for ever, he took his place at the right hand of God; For by one offering he has PERFECTED FOR ALL TIME (not to mention eternity) those WHO ARE MADE HOLY (present tense). The Holy Spirit confirms this: "This is the covenant that I will make with them after those days, says the Lord: I will put my laws (a rule producing a state approved of God) in their hearts, and I will write them on their minds" Heb 10.

Now I don't know what other "holiness preachers" are talking about, I am not really familiar with any of them, but if it is not God manifesting HIS NATURE THROUGH YOU, then it will be a bunch of striving and frustration and not the pure enjoyment of God himself and effortless obedience that IS true holiness. Do you see what I am saying?
Biblical Sanctification is this: as you take steps in obedience to Jesus, He manifests His righteousness through your life. He manifests His humility, His Faith, His love through us, extending to the very thoughts and desires of the heart. “That the righteous requirement of the law be fulfilled “in us”, who walk not according to the flesh but according to the Spirit” (Rom 8:4) “I am the vine, you are the branches: without me you can do nothing “(John 15:5)

True Holiness (manifesting our sanctification) as a present reality is just as effortless as justification. The Truth is that Jesus Christ finished the job 1000% Waaaay more than we can even imagine, it is so done, and you can experience that all the time.

But you do have to COME to him by forsaking sin. YOU have to DO that. You have to flee even the appearance of evil. AWAY FROM SIN = TOWARD GOD.

EVERYONE has to COME TO JESUS.. REPENT and TURN to Him so that He can manifest His own perfect righteousness through you. That is why there is so much about forsaking sin all throughout the NT, not because we will never stop sinning but because we have to align OURSELVES with Gods will so that he can manifest himself through us.

Does that make sense? When you forsake sin and Come to Him by agreeing ONLY with Him and submitting to the ABSOLUTE LORDSHIP of Jesus Christ over your life, without anything held in reserve, then even the DESIRE to sin LEAVES and that is one way you can KNOW that you are doing it right.